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Since the 2000s, SOFIA FALK has helped more than 100 global companies and organizations to use diversity and inclusion as tools to increase efficiency and competitiveness. For nearly 15 years, Sofia and her consultants have helped design and catalyze large change journeys within heavy industrials, banks, law and professional service firms as well as tech companies and the retail industry – each one employing between 20 to 200 000 employees and operating in more than 80 markets around the globe. An interactive workshop has been at the heart of this work has been an interactive workshop, and it’s this workshop that lays the foundation of the Diversity Paradox handbook.

Her work has been highlighted several times by award-winning projects like Battle of The Numbers, Axelerate and Level The Playing Field, and has been awarded several titles, most recently “one of the Iconic Innovative Trailblazers of the Decade”, by Women Economic Forum in Delhi, India. In Sweden she has been awarded by Swedish business publications: “a top 100 super-talent in Sweden”, “One of Sweden’s Super Communicators”, and “Sweden’s most stubborn woman in business”. She was appointed the advocate and national representative of the EU initiative “Equality Pays Off” for Sweden. She has been an active advisor to the UN, OECD, the Swedish Government and its extended branches around the world.

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